Travel journal - Chitrakoot

Riding on river Mandakini, Chitrakoot, India

Chitakoot, a city shared by Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, is still untouched by touristy crowds. A quiet getaway, with enough happening locally to interest a curious visitor. Ram ghat, especially under the clear summer sky was a favoured place

14 June, 2008 | Views: 13092

Exploring Palace-town Orchha - Madhya Pradesh, India

Jehangir Mahal, Orccha, Madhya Pradesh

If you take the road from Khajuraho to Jhansi, you can't miss this palace cum temple town's skyline to your left as you cross River Betwa. It is fascinating, even from that distance, to say the least. Orccha is 18 km from Jhansi, but seems a world

01 June, 2008 | Views: 15992

Weekend at Khajuraho and Ken River Sanctuary

Khajuraho temples, India

The 1100 years old temples of Khajuraho are reason enough for a visit to Madhya Pradesh, India. I caught up with history and nature in all its sculpted glory here. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho is an interesting destination for weekend

30 May, 2008 | Views: 11984

Holi Rasiya, Krishna bhajan from Vrindavan – Phagunawa ma rang barase