Sri Devraha Baba Samadhi, Vrindavan Photo Journal

Sri Devraha Baba Samadhi, Vrindavan

The white monument that you see across River Yamuna is the sacred samadhi of Devraha Baba. It is part of the lesser known Vrindavan. Its acres of greens and peace are known to its seekers. I remember the full moon night of Sharad Purnima when I

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20 Interesting facts related to Krishna

Krishna in Vrindavan, painting

Haweli Sangeet took birth with Raag-seva rendered by Asht-chaap sakhas – Parmanand ji, Nand Swami, Govind ji, Kumbhan Das, Surdas ji, Chaturbhuj ji, Chit Swami & Krishna Swami. Haweli Sangeet is largely sung in Dhrupad & Dhamar styles of classical

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Aqua Green Rishikesh