Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar – Photo journal

Birla bridge, Haridwar

The auto driver dropped us at a stall selling fruit and flowers, which devotees take as a tribute to Chandi Devi. Alongside the decorative stall, smelling of incense and apples, a narrow, part-cemented track led us up the hill. There is a ropeway

20 March, 2009 | Views: 30874

Trekking to Jatashankar cave, Pachmarhi - Photo-journal

Shiva by the trek trail to Jatshankar cave

We reached Pachmarhi on a December evening and took to the Jatashankar trek trail soon after. The photos here show the waning light of day. Railed steps lead the way into the Jatashankar valley.The valley is silent except for the echo of temple

18 March, 2009 | Views: 43224

Meaning of prayer, Asato ma sadgamay, tamaso ma jyotirgamay by Swami Rama