North Indian Garden calendar for July

The advent of Monsoon rains in June-July marks the start of the growing season in North India.

The garden which depended on tough ones like bougainvillea, hibiscus, madhu-malati, portulaca and periwinkle for colour in May can now prepare itself for a new look.

Taking care of the lawn

The scorched grass can now be replaced with a fresh planting. Add a layer of manure to established lawns.

Time to replant Cannas

Canna flowers in flower bed, garden calendar, north india, july

Divide cannas and replant in fresh soil, rich with manure. Cannas in open flower beds do better than when potted, but considering the space available, one could try either.

The jasmine show

This is also the right time to check the local nursery for young jasmine plants of Bela, Banarasi Mogra, Chameli, Juhi; Chandni and Moti Chandni, all scented white flowers on shrubs or climbers.

Banarasi Mogra flower

banarasi mogra jasmine flower, gardener's calendar, north india, july


Chameli jasmine flower, garden calendar, north india in july

Moti Chandni

Moti chandni flowers, north indian garden calendar in july


Juhi jasmine flowers, north indian gardner's calendar


bela flower and bud, jasmine, garden calendar for july, north india


manokamini jasmine flower

Bela, mogra, juhi and spider lily blooms decorate the flower palaces of Vrindavan, which are made on a daily basis in the summer and rainy season for Sri Radha and Krishna.

Replanting ferns

Ferns can also be checked for new growth and divided and replanted.

Also check for sprouting dahlias ready for planting. Chrysanthemums are to be repotted.

Kitchen garden

In the kitchen garden plant cauliflower seeds by July end.

Preparing grafts on fruit trees

Layering and making grafts on arched fruit trees can be done now that the rains are here. Enjoy the monsoon rains and watch your garden grow :-)

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