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Wild Cherry Tree at Art of Living International Center Bangalore


These trees in The Art of Living International Center on Kanakpura Road, South Bangalore bear sweet cherry-like looking fruit. Love them :)

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Daisy flowers at Rajbhawan Flower Show, Lucknow, India


The Rajbhawan or Governor’s House in Lucknow is the official residence of His Excellency, The Governor of Uttar Pradesh, India. The annual spring flower, fruit and vegetable show in spring is a must see. Here is a spread of daisies for you from the Rajbhawan Lawns.

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Candytuft flowers in North Indian Spring garden, Lucknow Photo Journal


Do you see the subtle difference in different kinds in these pictures? Awsome! Hats off to the Creator of such simple joys and complex life forms :)

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Asters in Spring garden, Lucknow, India


Blue Asters, Larkspur and Blue Cornflowers were classified in my mind as a star-accomplishment of God, ever since I first saw them, as a three year old something, perhaps! Only a child would do that—classify God as a person you liked and knew you would meet, and store some conversation for that meeting. “How did you do this?” Pointing to these blue flowers was my chosen dream conversation with God. Well, a lot has changed! Perhaps, God hasn’t. These asters remind me of innocence and love :)

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