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Diwali and Bhai dooj wall art and floor art from Uttar Pradesh


Bhai Dooj (25 October 2017, Kartik Shukla Dwitiya), a festival for celebrating sibling love. It is said, the Lord of death Yamraj visits his sister River Yamuna Maharani to take her blessing.
17 October,2014 | Views: 85

How to make Sesame Jaggery Diwali sweet, sugar free laddoo


A traditional family recipe sesame jaggery laddoos are prepared on Diwali and Ekadashi days in winter for bhog for Sri Krishna in my home. White sugar is not a traditional ingredient for bhog or Vaishnav cusine. Jaggery (sugarcane gur), misri, khajoor gur/Date Jaggery was used instead.
17 October,2014 | Views: 100

Tej Patta tree, Bangalore


Tej Patta is used in most North Indian curries and rice preparations like Pulao, Rajma, Vadi-Aloo, Dal-makhani and Chole.
15 October,2014 | Views: 90

What is the meaning of Sanskrit Prayer to Lord Dhanvanthari, the Lord of Medicine and Healing


I surrender to Lord Dhanvanthari, requesting your grace. Please give me your blessing and medicine to heal the ailing. Your grace is valued by all, the Devas and Asuras for freedom from dis-ease.
11 October,2014 | Views: 281

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