Vrindavan Krishna Bhajan, Tum Ho Nandlal Janam Ke Kapati

radha raman

तुम हो नंदलाल जनम के कपटी औरों की गागर नित उठ भरते, मेरी मटकी मझधार में पटकी

27 September, 2014 | Views: 10939

Krishna Bhajan by Surdas, sung by Ashwini Bhide

He gave me his heart and stole mine. Surdas (the lady in this bhajan) says, after taking my heart, all that I had, Prabhu Krishna smiled and sped away on his chariot. सुंदर सदन सुख सदन श्याम को निरख नयन मन ठाग्यो...

23 August, 2010 | Views: 34165

Krishna bhajan by Jagjit Singh, Tum dhoondho mujhe Gopal

Krishna and cows

This song says: I am your cow, O the keeper of cows Gopal. I am lost. Please find me and take me back to safety. This body made of five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) is driven by five errors of desire, anger, attachment, greed,

18 February, 2010 | Views: 36380

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