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Flowering Climbers and Creepers in Bangalore, August, Rainy Season Photo Journal 3

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Chameli Jasmine climber, Art Of Living Ashram Bangalore, India

This chameli jasmine climber has spread like a roof over the open courtyard at Krishna Kuteer, Sri Sri Panchakarma, Bangalore. Holy basil is growing on the ground here. so, the entrance to Krishna Kuteer is naturally scented with basil and jasmine.

Red flowers hanging in bunches from a climber in the Sri Sri Panchakarma garden, Bangalore

Red flower climber, Bangalaore, India Rainy Season

Mauve Morning Glory Climber

Mauve morning glory flower, Bangalore, Indian Garden in rainy season

Miniature White Morning Glory creeper

Miniature White Morning Glory creeper, Bangalore, India

Yellow delight covers large expanse of open land

Yellow flowers creeper, Bangalaore, India Rainy Season, Floral creeper

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