Butterflies in our midst

'Life is joyful, when we choose to spend it that way,' say the frolicky butterflies.

Butterflies in city life Lucknow's Gomtinagar with its lush roadside vegetation is home to thousands of butterflies. Most of them yellow or white, but a palette full of colour awaits any driver who is willing to notice their celestial dance. Some make a beeline for your vehicle as you traverse the grey road hemmed in by verdant green and a sightful of blue sky fluffed by cirrus clouds. 

Rain-washed foliage, with its steamy fragrance harbours many a butterfly and their young-ones. They flit around joyously and have fun amongst themselves. Ever noticed these lovely dainties at play? They seem to be enjoying themselves all the time, a la’ students of spirituality. 

As I drive into the winding lanes that frame green plots, sunny butterflies fly all around. They sit for fleeting seconds on wild flowers, play ‘I spy’ in the fragrant undergrowth - taking refreshing flower-juice-drink breaks in between. Sometimes they relax on the tarred road, in some kind of group meditation, or maybe for an experience distant from their leafy homes. These frisky delights take to flight as soon as your vehicle come a trifle close, treating your vehicle as a new plaything, before latching on to some other interest.

I am reminded of butterflies in the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh to be precise. Up the mountain-track, 25 km from Rishikesh, Neelkanth Mahadev temple is home to Shivji, as well as millions of butterflies all along the hill-side.

In the tingling, June-sunshine, butterflies all in yellow, dyed by the summer sun; accompanied me inquisitively, all the way up the hill. My open jeep was just another drab-coloured, but faster, and gigantic flying insect. They made me happy by just being there, by just carrying on their fun ‘n’ frolic.

Well the ones on the plains are no different when it comes to their intrinsic nature of merry-making. They celebrate life in all its myriad colours.

My dainty friends in Gomtinagar are bubbling with mirth and joy de’ vivre, and their simili has been used very well in our scriptures, to bring out the best in a karmyogi. Butterflies dancing Like a butterfly goes about from flower to flower, but does not get attached to them, similarly a karmyogi; should do everything, without getting attached. 'Life is joyful, when we choose to spend it that way,' say the frolicky butterflies, as they spring about in the otherwise grey cityscape.

Anisha Sharma
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