Why A2 milk is good for health and the national economy

Gir cow at Art of Living Bangalore ashram India

When the cattle is back where it belongs, can money be far behind? Ordinary milk is selling at approximately Rs 50 per litre in Delhi, whereas A2 milk is selling at approximately Rs 160 per litre. Similarly, organically grown food is selling at a

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5 things to know about Jungle Babblers in Lucknow, India

jungle babblers in Lucknow bird festival uttar pradesh

Jungle Babblers around my home in Lucknow, make it festival time every day for our family. They love to check the dog’s bowl for scraps of rice or roti, besides eating from their own bowl of bajra millet on the terrace. I love their boisterous

28 November, 2016 | Views: 18850

Birdwatching in Laxmanpuri, Lucknow Journal 1

Tree Pie

When I first saw the water hen on the bamboo, it was the first time I saw any water hen. I looked up picture books on birds, and found her looking out of the book ‘ Joys of Bird Watching’ published by National Book Trust. This is how I came to know

09 November, 2012 | Views: 4627

Billy Arjan Singh – Tiger of Dudhwa National Park

 Billy Arjan Singh

Just as Jim Corbett National Park in India is associated with Jim Corbett, Dudhwa National Park owes a lot to lover of the forest and wildlife ‘Billy’ Arjan Singh. He hand-reared wild cats. His books are awesome.

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Indian Koel Cuckoo – early days with a Crow family

Indian cuckoo, koel, nest, birdwatching in India, urban birds of India

The baby cuckoos are artists in the art of cajoling their step parents! At midday I hear them at their loudest. Two young cuckoos in a crow nest in a thicket across my home make sure they harass the crows enough to get a good supply of food through

28 October, 2010 | Views: 22003

Of Nasik, Trayambakeshwar and Panchwati

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