Iceland for Indians - a travelogue

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is distinguished as the world’s northern most capital city.

In the land of fire ‘n’ ice

Flowers in IcelandSunita Gandhi and daughter Coco are in love with Iceland, the land of fire and ice. They share snippets from their explorations in the fabulous island country, way up in the Arctic Circle.

Lessons in geography!

Waterfall and rainbow, Iceland

Coastal preference

The capital Reykjavik, distinguished as the world’s northern most capital city lies alongside the coast. It is distinguished as the world's northernmost capital city. Expeditions to fjords, waterfalls, volcanic land, mega natural ice sculptures brought us face to face with God.

Though the traditional cuisine, Porramatur was a different ball game. With blood pudding and singed sheep head, and sheep brain jam… we were in no hurry to try that menu.

It is Geysir

Geysir, IcelandIt was interesting to find out that the hot springs at Geysir in Iceland gave birth to the name geyser. The country, tiny as it may be, is full of surprises. One has to see the smoke rising from hot springs and volcanic sites in the backdrop of bluish-white ice and snow to marvel at the creator’s sense of geography. Well, the country runs entirely on geo-thermal and hydropower. The abundance of waterfalls was another awesome sight.

Wild Westfjord

Jellyfish in my hand, iceland

Westfjords further enthralled us with a close up with a variety of sea birds, and we even touched a transparent jelly like sea-creature! With many volcanoes dotting the land, among them Hekla, Eldgjá, and Eldfell, lava soil was the perfect playground for Coco, who also enjoyed a ride down a snow-sledge pulled by the Arctic dogs, as well as she enjoyed a walk down the woods where we had to wear net masks to keep bugs at bay.

Arctic dog sleigh, Iceland

Iceland held us to ransom with its exquisite landscape with the bonus of comfort and good local hospitality.

landscape in iceland

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Though a tiny country, it's packed with nature's gift drawing tourists from all over the world. I heard cost of living is very high, how are icelanders coping with it, given the recent crash in the stock index. Which is the best season to visit Iceland and are there any tourist operators in India involved in conducted tours to Iceland?

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