An Indian holidaying in Bali, Photo journal

Barila Bisht at Kintamani hills, in Bali

Bali, a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago is very picturesque. It has rice paddies tripping down hillsides like giant steps, volcanoes soaring up through the clouds, dense tropical jungle, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing

14 September, 2009 | Views: 13281

By the sea at Negombo, Sri Lanka

Swimming pool in Negombo hotel, Sri Lanka

Negombo, a beach haven in Sri Lanka is a two hour drive from Columbo. Morning and evening walks, splashing around, playing beach-volleyball and lolling under coconut palms with chilled fruit-cocktails was truly divine. Salty spray settled on my

28 August, 2008 | Views: 8063

Iceland for Indians - a travelogue

Flowers in Iceland

It was interesting to find out that the hot springs at Geysir in Iceland gave birth to the name geyser. Iceland was full of surprises. One has to see the smoke rising from hot springs and volcanic sites in the backdrop of bluish-white ice and snow

25 August, 2008 | Views: 10381

Indian travellers - exploring the world

New York city

With three months of gallivanting across the US, Canada, and London, brothers - Prem Anand, Ram Anand and Krishna Anand Tripathi had a whale of a time. They share their experiences here...

05 August, 2008 | Views: 5463

French Allure - An Indian perspective

Geese At Fontainbleau, France

Rekha and Colonel Shradhanand Dhondiyal spent 80 days in the French countryside. Fontainebleau, Moret Sur Loing and Paris enchanted them with their infectious leisurely, laid back lifestyle and the heady smell of wine at all times of the day. They

29 July, 2008 | Views: 11038

Ayurvedic insight on Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Online, Yoga-based Life Skills for Childrens' Mind-Body Fitness

  • The Art of Living's Online Utkarsha Yoga (for 8-12 year olds),
  • 3-5 June, 2022, 4.00-6.00 p.m. IST
  • Language: English & Hindi
  • INR 1000
  • Includes Free Phone App for guided practice at home to build the Yoga habit in 2022
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  • Teachers: Anisha & Swati Sharma