Declutter the mind

Thinking, is a feature that we are conscious of 24 hours a day; had it not been for snatches of sleep! Even in sleep, dreams colour the vista, simply because the mind is a think tank!

Thought precedes action. Even in seemingly spontaneous gestures, the truth is that the mind has thought out that particular line of thought and has a clear stand, so action becomes spontaneous.

The mind thinks so much that it should be clear on priorities in its relationship with self and others. Yet, it does not always happen…because we do not de-clutter, and often live by prejudices learnt as a child or somewhere in the process of growing up and socializing.

Much of healing consists of changing the thought forms that dominate our lives

Dr David Frawley, an eminent scholar and teacher of Ayurveda, says in his book Ayurveda and the Mind: "Much of healing consists of changing the thought forms that dominate our lives."

Cut the negatives

Negativity is a heavier vibration than positive thinking, joy, etc. The mind's prejudices weigh heavily on our present. This maims our ability to respond appropriately. A negative overload from past charts a response which may have little use today. This is mental clutter.

At any given moment you and I can give a live commentary on where the mind is busy. These are simply snapshots of happenings, reactions, fears and anticipation. So what can we do to regulate our thoughts from the heavier vibrations of negativity, to the positive feel-good thoughts?

Leave the past, where it was meant to be. The present takes responsibility for not only the moment at hand, the moment that can give peace and joy; it also paves the way for the future!

Every thought that strengthens, every thought that looks at the promise of sunrise and not at the sunset that was yesterday, every thought that defines the priorities and the means to get them now, every thought that rouses one to one's talents and opportunities, every thought that instills a will to do one's best is the one that gives courage and determination to move on in life with a vision of newfound joy.            

Sweep the clutter

All we need to do is sweep out mental clutter from the past, and open ourselves to new experiences. Come on give your mind a newer, happier perspective! Declutter for mental health...

Anisha Sharma
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Is it possible to "Cut the Negatives" ....... i always thought, negative and positive are diff. aspects of 1 thing, now my question is should v throw the negatives out of our lives or should v learn to live with it in harmoney as with positive??

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