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The first principle of learning to be still is regular pracĀ­tice; the second is patience; the third is observation; and the fourth is analysis. It is true that you must understand yourself from within to attain a state of perfection-but analysis is

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Ayurvedic Cooking - Healing through food

Indian sweets and fruit

I worked as a house physician in the departments of medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics at the Ayurvedic Hospital in Pune. At that time I observed repeatedly how correct diet, combined with proper herbal medicine and lifestyle, can play

04 October, 2008 | Views: 12963

Ayurveda by Ashok Majumdar

Ayurveda understands the teamwork of body and mind to achieve optimal health and happiness. Ayurvedic healing is built upon the concept of tridosha, the three bioregulatory principles that sustain the human body: vata, pitta and kapha. Vata, pitta

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Srimad Bhagwad Gita - The greatest psychiatrist speaks to all Arjuns

Gita is a dialogue between Krishna and Arjun, at the onset of battle at Kurukshetra. The act of a sheperd, a teacher to bring his sheep, his student on the right track. The most powerful component in any battle, or day to day life, is not the

10 June, 2008 | Views: 8394

    Spinach sesame salad

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