Top 12 spiritual destinations in Uttar Pradesh

Sarnath, Top 12 Spiritual destinations in Uttar Pradesh

Spirituality in India boasts a pallette of religions. Incidentally, the term ‘Hindu’ was used by the Arab traders to identify the people living east of the River Indus. Indus came to be known as Sindhu and the term Hindu was born. Uttar Pradesh, a

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Exploring Chitrakoot, Photo journal

Bharat Mandir on the banks of Mandakini Ganga, Chitrakut

I sat on the stairs leading to the temple, taking in the morning life at Ramghat. Sadhus, sadhaks, beggars and visitors all took dips on the same ghat, and a local family was down for their daily bath too, with kids being srubbed by older siblings.

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Impressions of Hanuman dhara, Chitrakoot

Langur monkeys at Hanuman dhara, Chitrakut

Chitrakoot is at its best in the rainy season, I was told. Though I was here quite unwittingly in early June, the summer storm and rain salvaged my trip by showing off the really clean and green Chitrakoot, especially the suburbs - hidden by Sal,

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Travel journal - Chitrakoot

Riding on river Mandakini, Chitrakoot, India

Chitakoot, a city shared by Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, is still untouched by touristy crowds. A quiet getaway, with enough happening locally to interest a curious visitor. Ram ghat, especially under the clear summer sky was a favoured place

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Holi song by Girija Devi

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