Hibiscus tea and Ridged Gourd flower fritters for a special tea party

red hibiscus

Hibiscus tea is easy to make. Boil a cup of water. Put in a hibiscus flower (fresh or dry). Cover the pan and switch off the heat. Let it cool down completely. Add lemon juice and jaggery, honey or raw sugar to taste. Strain and refrigerate before

25 March, 2016 | Views: 4891

Ayurvedic chutney sandwich spread for a summer lunch

Easy recipe Ayurvedic chutney sandwich spread

This summer sandwich spread is an age old Ayurvedic recipe from kitchens of India (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, in particular). As the unripe mangoes start finding there way to the market, this yummy chutney too becomes a lunch staple.

24 March, 2016 | Views: 6271

Top immunity booster herbs, Indian gooseberry and Holy Basil

amla indian gooseberry amla navmi

Amla nd Tulsi are top immunity booster foods or super foods. Ayurveda was integrated in day to day living by the founders of Ayurveda. A child learns at home and through festivals about food as medicine, which is a basic tenet of Ayurveda. Amla

22 October, 2014 | Views: 12680

Mint-coriander chutney to go with rice pulao, an Awadhi recipe

Coriander dhaniya pudina Awadhi chutney recipe

This recipe comes from Lucknow kitchens. It goes well with Awadhi cuisine, especially the biryani and kababs. It is a great accompaniment with snacks like samosa, pakora, spring roll, and staple rice dishes like khichri and pulao.

21 April, 2010 | Views: 23996

Time to make mango galka chutney

Raw mango sweet chutney, mango galka recipe

This sweet and tangy galka chutney has a long shelf life, and goes well with summer lunches and snacks. Just waiting for the raw mangoes to hit the market to store up on this chutney :-) Sri Radha Vallabh temple in Vrindavan celebrates a month long

17 April, 2010 | Views: 9618

Sri Rama Chandra Kripalu Bhajmana by MS Subbulakshmi, video and lyrics

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