Pani ghat in January, Vrindavan Photo journal

Tree on the dusttrack to Pani ghat

Pani ghaton the banks of Yamuna in Vrindavan, is a little off the Parikrama marg near Tatiya sthan. Visitors to Devraha Baba Ashram, cross the river here to reach the ashram. The presence of Krishna in one’s consciousness is an inevitable experience

10 January, 2010 | Views: 15028

Viveik Oberoi at Sri Radha Raman temple, Vrindavan Photo journal

Vivek Oberoi in Vrindavan, at Sri Radha Raman temple's entrance

Viveik Oberoi with his father Suresh Oberoi and family members visited Sri Radha Raman temple in Vrindavan this summer. Sri Radha Raman temple is among the oldest temples of Vrindavan, established by Gopal Bhatt Goswami (one of the six Goswamis sent

09 October, 2009 | Views: 19647

Krishna bhajan by Jagjit Singh, Tum meri rakho laaj Hari

 Krishna bhajan by Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh in a live performance at Iskcon’s Hare Krishna temple, Juhu, Mumbai. The bhajan has been written by Bhakti saint, Surdas, a disciple of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya. Surdas, like Mira Bai has been a great contributor to Braj sahitya, the

16 September, 2009 | Views: 52313

Holi song by Girija Devi

In this folk song, a gopi of Vrindavan is saying that coming Holi she would spray colour on Krishna, the son of Nand. She’d like to make his dark cheeks red by rubbing gulal powder on them.रंग

15 September, 2009 | Views: 11188

Braj bhajan, Jadoo bharee Mohan ki muraliya, Lyrics and meaning

Krishna’s flute works like magic on us, Brajvasis (in a broader meaning, devotees). We see his charming ways in day to day life. We find everyone speaking, not Krishna. When Krishna utters a word, it is the name of Radha :-)

20 August, 2009 | Views: 23736

Sri Krishna Balarma temple, Iskcon, Vrindavan Photo journal

View of Iskcon temple from Raman Reti Road, Vrindavan, India

Iskcon temple on Raman Reti Road in Vrindavan is the hub of the market sprung around it. Internet cafes, shops and stalls selling lemon soda, fruit, lassi, ethnic Indian clothes (very reasonably priced), perfumes, idols, and a bank stand right

17 June, 2009 | Views: 151053

Weekend in Leh, Ladakh

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