Shah Khamman Peer Baba Mazar, Lucknow Photo Journal

Charbagh railway Station, Lucknow , India

The railway station at Charbagh was built much later than the 900 year old Mazar Sharif of Khamman Peer Baba. The shrine is revered by people of all faiths. Baba Khamman Peer was a Sufi saint. Every week on Thursday, the Mazar is thronged by

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OM in the Holy Koran

om symbol

In the very beginning of your Koran, at the top, there are three letters, Alif (A) Lam (I) and Mim (M). Can anyone of you explain what these three letters mean?

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Roza mubaaraq from Lucknow


Where as, the men bond at mosques, eateries and cultural evenings, the women claim their share with wild shopping and preparing special treats for Aftaari. "The Sehari is a light affair with milk and lachhe and boiled eggs. But the Aftaari with

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Getting to know Thekkady, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala – Photo journal

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