By the sea at Negombo, Sri Lanka

Swimming pool in Negombo hotel, Sri Lanka

Cashewnut curry was particularly delectable. Sinhalese cuisine was not alien to Indian tastes, be it vegetarian or seafood.

Negombo: Sri Lanka’s hidden jewel

Negombo, a beach haven in Sri Lanka is a two hour drive from Columbo. On a holiday here Veena Anand and friends took to the waves with glee.


This being my first meeting with the sea and I stood mesmerized. The azure sea melted on the beach in front of our resort. Greenery took over the sand, sea and boulders. Thriving rockeries in our bathrooms and fluorescent fish in the resort’s pool added to the exotica.

 Negombo beach, Sri Lanka

Morning and evening walks, splashing around, playing beach-volleyball and lolling under coconut palms with chilled fruit-cocktails was truly divine. Salty spray settled on my curly hair and I tasted salt on my lips, the sea was really close up. Frothy waves took my slippers away in jest only to bring them back soon enough. We hurrahed with childlike abandon as the sea played around with us.

Taste of Sri Lanka

Devilled potatoes, Sri Lankan specialityBaked Cashewnuts, Sri Lanka

Our resort spoilt us silly with Sinhalese cuisine. Cashewnut curry was particularly delectable. The food on the whole was not alien to Indian tastes be it vegetarian or seafood. Common spices like cloves, elaichi and the ever-present coconut in different forms reminded us of home, but the presentation and culinary skills have left a lasting impression on us. Open air dinner and Kandy dance recital kept the sea close to our senses. Sri Lankan hospitality was reminiscent of Lucknowi Tehzeeb of yore.

Shopping in Negombo

Despite the Tsunami that ruined it, Negombo is again a tourist’s delight. Tranquil beaches paired with shopping for gems and jewellery is a unique combination no doubt and we fell for the comparatively inexpensive amethysts, blue sapphires, rubies and diamonds. I bought some amethysts to get a set of earrings, necklace and ring made for a wedding in the family. Spices also compete to get into the shopping bag, but we resisted the aromatic temptation.

Negombo Travel guide


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Negombo Railway Station

Negombo railway station

Negombo railway station, inside view

Weather in Negombo

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