Why should I bother to correct high pitta

Pitta’s control room is food.

Pitta is responsible for our discretion faculty, the fire of discretion. It also affects the fire of mind and body metabolism, vision, perception and digestion. Pitta is a blend of the fire and water elements.

When it is low, digestion is poor. When it is high, stomach acids play havoc with the digestion. An ideal situation is to balance the pitta. And pitta’s control room is food. Pitta is highest at midday (11am-2pm) and midnight (11pm-2am). An empty stomach for a person prone to high pitta disorders (read acidity, mouth ulcers, skin rashes, loose bowels) is ground for the pitta fires to flare up and destroy the delicate mind-body sync that we define as ourselves. On the mood front it shows up as irritability and anger.

Regular mealtimes with a pitta pacifying menu is recommended to stave off the fires from flaring up. Reduce sour and astringent foods. Take more of sweet tasting foods, except honey and molasses. A body massage using a cooling oil such as coconut is good. Drink lots of water and keep away from hot food and temperatures when pitta is high.

Pitta pacifying food

  • Milk, ghee and butter
  • Sweet fruit: Mango, melons, coconut, sweet pineapples, grapes and cherries
  • Vegetables: Potato, cucumber, sweet potato, green coriander, pumpkin, gourd, cauliflower, okra, green beans, zucchini and asparagus
  • Whole grains: Rice, wheat (toasted)
  • Olive, sunflower and coconut oils
  • Cinnamon, coriander, cardamom and fennel

cauliflower is a good pitta pacifying food Coriander is a pitta pacifying food watermelon is a pitta pacifying food








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Sewain recipes from Awadhi kitchens

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