Crispy vegan snack, 11 ways to enjoy aaloo paapad, the Indian way

crispy salald snack

Aaloo papad is a must have around Holi festival in March. The strong sun has many families making this delectable potato crisp to celebrate Holi and eat through the year. Well, this is how it still is in many Lucknow homes and even one school!

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Let the colours flow

As the exciting day starts, beam to yourself in the mirror as you coat yourself with palms, full of oil to prevent the chipku Holi colours actually sticking to you, as the liberal spreading of oil over your body and hair will help you get rid off

27 February, 2010 | Views: 4092

Vrindavan celebrates the season of love

Jaipur temple, Vrindavan, India

Vrindavan’s festival calendar keeps busy. In the township where God came to love and be loved as Sri Radha-Krishna, the season of love never ends. It may be the peak of summer, but Vrindavan is as popular a destination as ever.

02 June, 2008 | Views: 24254

Pachmarhi, trek to Bee Falls, photo journal

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