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How to make a herbal bath scrub at home that has a long shelf life

Anisha Sharma
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Grow Aloe Vera at home

A bottle of aloe vera (Indian name: ghrut kumari) juice from Swami Ramdev’s range of Ayurvedic medicines has found good use in my bath scrub. Aloe vera is good for removing suntan, and the sun is hot already in North India though summer is yet to come officially. So, a teaspoon of aloe vera juice in my bath scrub is doing me good.

How to make a herbal bath scrub at home

This bath scrub requires no chemical preservative and keeps well for months. The only condition to keep it from spoiling is, keep it dry in an airtight container. Take a teaspoonful of bathscrub, add water to get a dripping consistency, and scrub away those dead cells from your body. If you have aloe vera juice, you could replace a teaspoon of water with this juice.

Ingredients for a homemade bath scrub

Besan (Gram flour): Half cup

Lal masoor dal (Red lentil): Half cup

Dry tulsi leaves: 2 teaspoon, or 2 teabags of Original Tulsi tea from Organic India

Pure ghee: Half cup, or an oil of your choice (olive, sunflower). Don’t use mustard or untreated seasame oil here. Mustard has a strong smell. Untreated seasame oil causes a bit of irritation on skin.

Turmeric powder: 2 teaspoon

Dry rose petals: 1 cup

Method for making a herbal bath scrub at home

You could even choose between tulsi leaves and rose petals for a distinguished fragrance of either. Rose has a cooling effect on the skin. Tulsi is a warming herb. So take your pick according to season.

In a kitchen blender, grind the masoor dal with rose petals and tulsi leaves. When you get a fine powder, add besan and turmeric. Blend well. Now add ghee or oil in the end. Blend again, and store in an airtight container.

This home made, Ayurvedic bath scrub needs no preservative. Whenever you want to use it, just add water and enjoy...

Ghee/oil is vata pacifying, while rose petals are pitta pacifying.

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